Respect Your Ancestors…And Everyone Else’s

Just wanted to pop in and share a personal story. I won’t give details on the other players in the story because it doesn’t really matter and I haven’t gotten permission from them, but I think it might help other people trying to navigate this particular time.

I recently received some graveyard dirt that I wasn’t prepared for or asked for. I don’t currently use it in my practice and the Hoodoo spell that came with would have been very disrespectful as someone not on that path. I offered to gift the dirt to a Hoodoo practitioner that I know, as I was told it came from benevolent ancestors. She wasn’t interested as she didn’t know the source personally, which makes complete sense to me. She did tell me I could use the dirt as an earth element in my own practice. I have a devotion to Hecate in its early stages, so I decided to keep the tin of dirt.

I cannot tell you the havoc that went on in my house in the ten minutes between putting it on my apothecary mantel and and burying it in a bowl of dirt in the garage until I could figure out what to do. This was dirt given by someone’s ancestor, and even though it seemed malevolent in my house I didn’t want to cause disrespect with the disposal of it. I very much did not want to bury it anywhere on my property because, I’ll be honest, I was FREAKED out. (I also gave myself the worst Tarot reading of my life trying to figure out what was going on, but I turned that frown upside down with the power of my MIND 😎)

Fortunately, I had a way to contact the woman whose ancestors provided the dirt. I explained the situation and asked how to proceed, and she was very kind in telling me where they would be most at peace. All of the bad thoughts and body feelings went away at that, and I honestly think it was because of their understanding that I wasn’t planning on throwing the tin in the trash and wanted to do things respectfully.

Malevolent ancestors those were NOT. Now that the whole ordeal is over, it became very clear that they were actually incredibly helpful and insightful to know that I would not have gotten that push without the extreme issues I had. These ancestors were “hill folk”, and I made many plans on where I was going to go to lay them to rest before I actually stumbled on a freaking SACRED GROVE. Even with the park I went to I had a plan that got scrapped. I was planning on following the trail to an overlook that I hadn’t been to before, and had parked right beside the entrance to that trail unknowingly. Something made me walk the opposite way and I never saw the trail entrance.

I’ve been disconnected from nature this year in an extreme way. I haven’t even gone out into my backyard for extended periods of time. I was recharged like a freaking battery! Breathing in fresh air, listening to the running water of the various streams, and just being around TREES and leaves and bees and all the wonderful things I love but had stolen from myself this year hurtled me into straight JOY. And that was even BEFORE I stumbled onto this hidden grove of trees in clusters of threes and fives that were absolutely singing.

I found the perfect place to rest the dirt, and was actually gifted a tool of power in return for the litter I removed (I normally would not remove any original material from the grove, but this was an obvious gift). The pond helped clear all the residual contents from the tin, and I could feel such peace that I wasn’t expecting.

The point of the story? This time of year a lot of fuckery can happen around “witchy” materials and inappropriate ancestral and cultural appropriation (appropriation is different from appreciation but this time of year appropriation seems to be rampant). If you find yourself in possession of something important, please try to find a way to treat that object/spirit/energy with respect. I bet you’ll find something important to yourself along the way. As always, be blessed 💜

Visionary Tarot Appreciation and Review

First off I want to say that I’m still exhausted, but in a good way? All of the knowledge and direct messages I’ve been receiving from the universe as a whole and specific deities who have called on me and my devotion are great, but I’m tired. Still. But I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while so bear with me 💜

“Not all those who wander are lost.” Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein

This deck is special. Beyond special. If you’re on an internal or external voyage, or entering a new period in your life, this deck is for YOU. The artwork is just stunning, and the cards are of the highest quality and are really a joy to work with. You can get silver or gold (and possibly just white with no metallics, but don’t quote me on that). I got silver but the gold looks beautiful too. The edges are gilded as well! Small housekeeping note because I’m sure people do this with their decks anyways, but on first opening do look at each card individually because that will help to unstick them from the packaging process.

I started shuffling and the Fool literally jumped out at me. What a good sign for this new deck! Now I won’t normally share my personal spreads, but I think it’s important that I do this time. Not only so you can see how beautiful these cards are, but to illustrate a point. This deck is VISUAL. And the meanings you get from it will only be enhanced when you take a step back and look at the picture the cards present. I tend to journal all my readings, and since I’m new to tarot I end up looking up the meanings and reading them over and over until I gain understanding (the LWB that came with the deck is EXCELLENT by the way). I was struggling through these readings to say the least, until I sat back and really looked at them.

This is not better demonstrated than the court cards of arrows. Can you see the absolute story there? You barely even need to know the question to understand. And then the Lovers. Over two spreads – one in reference to me, and the other to the deck. Normally I don’t throw conventional interpretations out the window with reversals, but the meaning was crystal clear. Two halves of the whole coming together, in every way. Light and dark given equal respect and care. Like I said, this deck is special.

ALSO! If you are someone with a usual way of shuffling, I really suggest trying out the way the booklet says to with this deck. I normally shuffle in hand and not spread out, but I will only use the table shuffle for this deck from now on. Not only for the shuffling, but for the time it takes to get everything in order. I don’t help my cards find their place unless I feel asked, so it takes a good amount of time for them to be pushed back into configuration. I don’t like that. My squirrel brain doesn’t like it. But it brings a great sense of peace and gets you in the right frame of mind if you allow the process.

You know, I have feelings and ideas about my decks and if they’re being neglected. Anxiety is my frenemy. 😂 My Linestrider Tarot and Pathfinder Oracle decks let me know it was ok and to Chill. Out. They’re the decks that got me through the suffering and the muck and the mire of this year, and now they get to rest while I go on my voyage. They’re definitely NOT mad about it 😂

So just to conclude, this deck is special. I would recommend it to anyone and is great for beginners as well because of the beautiful imagery that lends understanding to the meaning of the cards. Absolute 10/10, especially if you too are on a journey. As always, stay blessed 💜

PSA For Today

When lighting a match for your incense/candles/spellwork, try to refrain from also setting YOURSELF on fire. 😂 The sprites are having fun today, so be vigilant! 🔥

It’s ok to not be ok

I was listening to a great podcast yesterday (Around Grandfather Fire), and they had a guest on who spoke about anxiety as it relates to spiritual people. What struck me was when she said that these people often feel anxious, because they think that they shouldn’t have those feelings as a spiritually enlightened person. I’m feeling it. I’m exhausted deep in my bones.

I’m discovering all these wonderful things and connecting with myself and the universe, but I’m tired. Doing spiritual work is exhausting but so is being a human and going through regular life. It’s ok to be tired. It’s ok to have bad days. It’s ok to take a break when you need to. I needed to hear it today and maybe someone else does too. As always, be so incredibly blessed. And today, give yourself a break 💜

Witch Crafting

I was way too pleased with myself for that title. 😂 Finally! A non-divination post! Well, kind of, but this really is all about the crafts and making do with what you have in order to create something unique for you! Get ready for a LOT of pictures…

So the backstory is that yesterday I pulled Tiwaz as my rune of the day (of course I had to add some sort of divination to this post 😂). When I did my customary thanking of the runes and cards before I put them back in their bags, Tiwaz was NOT letting me go that easily. I knew immediately that this rune needed to be with me all day. I had a small red bag that I used to keep a daily rune in to take to work, but I had since repurposed it for Samantha. I could and would have easily added another pouch to my shopping list, but if you read my post yesterday you know that those plans ended up being scrapped for the day. And as usual, when I follow my morning reading’s guidance, I came up with something SO much better.

I don’t know everything or even a lot about runes yet, but what I do know is that red and gold are the colors of rune magic. I also know that wearing a runic talisman around your neck or in your bra can be incredibly powerful. So with those two small pieces of information I got to work!

I have a bunch of fabric pieces that I’ve collected over the years for quilting and other crafts, so finding a piece of red fabric was a breeze. I also have a lot of yarn for knitting, and right at the top of my shelf was a yellow/gold hank. I made a little pouch for my rune, and tied the yarn three times around to secure it (I’m a big fan of the power of three). I was planning on just cutting the length of yarn long enough to make a necklace, but then I remembered I had a crystal cage that I wasn’t using (when the universe provides, it REALLY provides). A red cord from a previous jewelry making project (as you can tell, I like my crafts 😂) completed the project! I’m not that great at jewelry making, so the feather bead is forever stuck on my glued cord, but I enjoy the aesthetic 😄. And there I had my finished project! It took me about five minutes from start to finish, and I didn’t spend any money because I used what I already had.

A red pouch bought from the store would have been fine, and it would have served its purpose wonderfully, I’m sure! But the time I spent creating this pouch for my rune and the work and creativity I put into it, made something incredibly special that I found great meaning in. As I learned more about this special rune and understood just why it was so significant to me personally, the time I put into creating my necklace became even more meaningful. The cards taught me a lesson in the morning about personal over purchase power, but I only FULLY felt like I had learned it when I had applied it to my actual practice.

And there I go on a divination tangent again! The lesson is so wonderful though. When you allow yourself to stop and receive blessings from the universe/deities/nature, you can create such powerful magic. I’ll be looking out for other ways to use the materials already around me to enhance my practice as I go forward. I feel like I’m being truly blessed with all of this cosmic knowledge, and feel incredibly humbled to be given such meaningful guidance so freely. When I made the choice to openly receive and believe the insights spoken to me and to use the skills I learn in actual practice…well it feels like someone just breathed “finally” directly into my soul. This has been such an emotional period of personal growth, and I can’t begin to show enough gratitude for the patience I was afforded while I spent so many years searching for my path. As always, be SO incredibly blessed today, and I hope you have the time to do a little crafting of your own! 💜

A Reminder From The Universe About Your Own Power

This will be a short one today. I’ve been bouncing off the walls this morning with a bunch of chaotic energy and plans to go out and shop and get a bunch of witchy supplies and do ALL the things. I rushed my pendulum and Samantha told me to chill and talk to her tomorrow. I wasn’t too bothered because I just wanted to GO. She absolutely sensed that energy and wasn’t interested in performing on command.

I was thinking about just pulling a card or two so I could get on with my day, but something made me stop and do my full morning spread. To say I’ve been humbled is an understatement. Maybe it’s because they can give a more nuanced answer, or because I’ve been working with them for a longer time, but my cards and runes have NO problem telling me exactly what I need to know when I’m being an ass. I have been told in no uncertain terms to CHILL OUT, and to also stop spending money on things that aren’t necessary. I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree for cards and incense and supplies, and the cards slapped my hands and told me to cut it out.

What they ALSO told me is that all of that flashy stuff can be fun, but to remember that really, none of it is actually necessary. The tools are great conductors of energy, but the power comes from within. Your voice and intentions are what gives power to your spells and blessings and insights. I could never buy another single thing, and still grow and become an incredibly powerful witch. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and potions and incense, but don’t let them mask and keep you from developing your true power.

Much needed words from the universe to me, and a valuable lesson. Today I will work on gaining knowledge, instead of things. I hope you all also have a blessed day and can spend some moments with your own personal power. Until tomorrow 💜

Consent, Trusting Your Intuition, and Going With The Flow

Well, I had a post about creating your own incense blends thought out, but sometimes you just have to scrap your plans and do as the universe commands. It’s possible that this whole month will just be about divination, who knows? It IS October.

I woke up this morning LOVING life. I channeled the fuck out of Hestia yesterday, and got my house in shape. I’m still riding those good vibes. I do my readings in the mornings, so after I got my furry children and myself sorted, I sat down to do some work. I finally had a couple of actual yes or no questions for Samantha (my pendulum), so I asked my first question as a quick formality more than anything. “Do you want to work with me today?” A small jump, and then the tiniest of circles counter-clockwise. Well of course that was wrong, and we’re both just waking up, and my hand wasn’t in the right position… So I reset and asked again, and a much stronger circling came through this time. She did NOT want to work with me today. I’ll be honest I was really thrown for a loop. Do I keep asking until I get the answer I want? Of course not, but I wanted to SO badly. Instead, I thanked her for being honest with me, and put her back in her place on my mantelpiece/altar and went on with my morning rune casting and card spread. I’m confident that this was a test, to see if I really would respect and honor the answers I am given. I’m very proud that I seemed to have passed.

The cards/runes/pendulums have their own minds and personalities and wishes; their own autonomy. That’s the point of divination, at least to my uneducated understanding. You create a partnership with these tools (I wish I could come up with a better word, because they are much more than tools to me at this point), and they guide your understanding of the situation and outcome. You can’t force them to do anything, and if you try you’ll have broken your trust with your partner, as well as your trust in yourself. So basically, consent is as important in divination as it is in all other aspects of our lives.

Now branching off of consent, learning to go with the flow is also important, and is a lesson I have really been learning this week. I asked the runes yesterday about job searching and finances (I’m currently on sabbatical but that will be changing soon). The first cast I did all fell out of the circle. Ok no biggie; sometimes I can throw my runes a little too eagerly. So I reset and cast again. One rune barely in the circle and it was face down, hmmm. So I checked myself, and asked “if today’s not the day for job searching, what DO you want me to know?”. Well of course my cast actually worked that time. Spoiler alert: it was not about job or money prospects. 😂 I got a talking to about my relationships and communication skills and when I need to mind my own damn business. Cool cool, good to know 😂 I didn’t even ask my subsequent card spread about business matters, and just let it tell me what it wanted me to know. Apparently I REALLY need to mind my own business and work on my own damn self, and practice effective communication skills 😓 . It was not the day for job searching, and I took the message to heart. Well yesterday was AMAZING, and I did work on myself and my home and getting my own head and hearth 🔥 in order.

Today I came back to my runes and asked if it was time for career and money matters, and if so, what guidance could the runes give me? What a casting I got! Today is DEFINITELY the day to get to work on my new career path. I tried to label the runes on the picture but that was a disaster, so I’ll just describe them 😂.

Mannaz – the rune that looks like a fancy M is suggesting that I will find success with new skills, and to keep in mind my own strengths and weaknesses.

Dagaz – the rune that looks like an infinity sign is pretty much the hype man for my goals. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, new beginnings, sudden opportunities, learning of new skills, and positive job prospects. I couldn’t have gotten a better rune! Today is definitely the day to put in that work and reap the rewards.

Uruz – now Uruz landed face down outside the circle. A lot of times I will read runes that fall outside the circle as things to come in the distant future. I think this is more of a gentle reminder to get back on track if I forget the message I’ve been given. It warns to be vigilant against pressure towards a path I do not want, and that many of the obstacles I’ll find are actually of my own making. It reminds me that I have a CHOICE in these matters and that I choose my own path. It reminds me not to forget my own power, strength, and tenacity.

A MUCH different casting than yesterday, and one I will definitely heed. I moved on to my morning card spread, and I’m not ashamed to reveal that I wept openly for the entire reading. I come from a place of intense doubt and skepticism for many things that can’t be explained by science. That doubt was significantly challenged today, and I can say that I no longer question the power of divination or my own natural talent for this aspect of the Craft (as much as possible, of course. Everyone will have doubts and should have them, but I no longer feel like I need to test the cards or myself to prove anything). The reading itself is too personal to share, but it matched my rune casting and then told me some things that were less of a punch to the gut and more a reminder of who the fuck I am and what I’ve survived. Definitely a message I needed to hear.

I keep saying that I’m really in my infancy with Witchcraft. It feels like everything I’m experiencing and learning is an intense epiphany or wild discovery! I honestly hope that never changes, even as I become more confident in my beliefs and skills. What a magical world 😉 I hope all of you are as blessed today as I have been 💜

So The Pendulum Swings…

I am freaked OUT. Alright, you have to forgive me because I’m new to all of this but holy CRAP. Y’all I watched the videos and I bought a book and I read the articles saying to ask yes and no questions to see how your pendulum responds, but I didn’t realize it would ACTUALLY respond. I planted my arm like a stone and made sure there were no kinks in the chain and that everything was completely unmoving before I asked my questions…I literally just started out asking it to show me yes and then asking it to show me no. It swung clockwise for yes and when I reset the chain it swung counter-clockwise for no! My eyes were like…

I just started asking random questions about myself, like do I have ten fingers and was I born in November (April Fool’s baby over here!) and it was RIGHT. And then I asked it if my name was Kate and it said NO.

Wait, what? Maybe I didn’t introduce myself and it needed that, so I did the whole tell me about yourself spiel…still no. Ok, it’s cool. First day can’t be perfect, I get it. Yeah, but Kate’s not my birth name, which I realized because I think up legal loopholes in my head for fun (trust me, I am VERY aware of how strange that is.). So I asked again, but this time “Is my name Katharine?”. If that pendulum didn’t freaking swing yes! It had been a long day (I felt the pull that she was ready at about 8 o’clock last night), so I couldn’t even think of a coherent sentence much less a good yes or no question. I decided to ask a few questions from the Pendulum and then call it a night. She told me her name is Samantha, by the way.

This morning I didn’t really have any good questions either, so we worked on getting to know each other a little bit more. I asked one specific question about if something would happen today, and then we took a break! It’s definitely WAY out of my comfort zone and knowledge base, so I figure going slow and letting myself sink into the practice is the way to go. Samantha promised to take it easy on me and I promised her that even though I will fumble a lot and do many things wrong, that I will always come to her with respect and good intentions. So here’s to new partnerships and enriching my Craft!

Being Extra with Divination

I’m honestly not sure if I can help myself. But I do know that I just don’t want to. What’s the fun in that? Witchcraft to me is about joy and childlike wonder at the unknowns of the universe, and all of these extras are what give it LIFE. So today! I’m going to show you my divination setup and today’s reading. My Pendulum wanted nothing to do with this mess and is still happily chilling in its quiet corner, so I’m thinking we’ll do introductions later 😂

This is today’s setup. My lead-up to the actual reading is just as important to me as the spread itself. I find it hard to focus my mind, and creating a ritual with specific actions, scents, and sounds helps me reach that space (with varying degrees of success. I was horribly distracted during my shuffling today and sometimes you just have to let that be part of the process.). So I have my cast iron cauldron (I found mine on Etsy!) with a charcoal tablet, and my own incense blend that I found the recipe for in my witch’s almanac. I also have other loose incense and resins I can use when I’m getting low on my own or if I want to change things up! I have a purple candle for divinatory and magical vibes, and I love using the small candles because they usually burn down perfectly in time for my readings to end (I’m still learning, so my readings tend to take a WHILE). When I do a rune casting I use a red candle, but most of the time any sort of flame gets me in the right headspace. I use meditation mist to add that perfect scent cloud, and roll the protection oil over my third eye to create a feeling of safety around my readings (I don’t know if that’s an actual “thing” in witchy lore, but it feels right to me and THAT’S definitely a thing). I also sometimes put on a meditation sound, like chimes or a singing bowl, if I’m having particular trouble with distractive thoughts. And then comes the chaos…

If that whole ritual wasn’t dramatic enough, of COURSE I can’t just use one deck/rune set in my spreads. Ok, that’s also being dramatic. 😂 I can just use one deck or rune set in a reading, and frequently do, but my preference is to use a mixture. I usually use a main deck for the center spread and then add single cards/runes to spice up and clarify the reading. The spread that I am currently using in the morning also suggests using an Oracle card in the advice position for greater clarity of the reading. I’m an Aries through and through and the chaos and dynamic nature of doing a reading like this speaks to my soul in a very real way.

And now for the reading! I tried to sharpen it as much as possible but my Linestrider deck is a mini deck and hard to see in the camera, so just trust me on it 😆  If a card jumps out during shuffling and I don’t think it’s just because I’m being klutzy (most of the time it’s because I’m being klutzy), then I’ll set it aside and continue shuffling. I then incorporate that card into my understanding of the whole picture. The Goal card from my Oracle deck did just that today, so it’s been added to the spread.

Sometimes you’re doing a reading for yourself and you think you’re getting a general idea of your day. You look at the cards and start the reading thinking that it’s talking about different people and influences on your life, and you get to the end and they’re just there like hahahahahahahaha nah bitch, it’s all you! And then you have to go back and reread everything because now you get it, and the things you were confused about now seem like an arrow straight into your SOUL. Yeah, that was my morning and this reading 😂

I can’t even begin to go into individual card details with all this pinpointed insight, so I’m just going to do my overview. The cards are telling me to start this new chapter in my life and GO FOR IT, and not to let my own self sabotage get in the way. Self sabotage was a common theme among a few cards and I’ve never felt more seen! 😭  You might have noticed a strong female presence in this spread, and they were telling me that I need to cultivate my softer, feminine side and to also remember the interests and energy of my youth, which will bring me success in all aspects of life but especially relationships. It speaks of letting the lessons and pain from the past strengthen, instead of harden me. Also a very strong reminder to embrace all aspects of myself so that I may do the same for others and allow their support of me. I’m also being told that I need to accept an imperfect situation, and work through it to the realization of my goals. It’s heavy on telling me to trust my intuition. Oh, and a VERY pointed telling off about not running away from things/situations/people 😬 This spread is a LOT and I’m still learning it all myself, but I’m very slowly becoming less and less surprised when my readings are just right.

I guess the magical corners of the universe can be pretty cool sometimes 😄

Chaos magic and Divination therapy

Well, it has been some time, hasn’t it? New website, new look, new me? THAT has yet to be seen, but it’s definitely a new era of my life. This blog is going to be, well, chaos. I’m envisioning a wonderfully disorganized mix of journaling, teaching, appreciation posts, recipes, spells, and whatever crops up in my brain (it can be a scary place!). I could try to structure myself and my website, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve GROWN and part of that growth is a fabulous sense of peace with myself and my own nature. I’m a chaos child, no question about it. Now that I’m embracing it, it probably should come as no surprise that I’ve discovered magic and witchcraft. What a magnificent world to create and dip my fingers into; to search out all the nooks and crannies of the self and the universe, and just PLAY.

I’ve been especially loving divination, and what a perfect month to really dive deep into all manner of divinatory styles and traditions! I have some beautiful and powerful Tarot and Oracle decks that guide me with a wisdom that is uncannily pointed. My Runes are some no-nonsense, tell it like it is and get to work advisors (although Loki himself was there for the dedication of my recent set, and I’m expecting some mischievous shenanigans to come out of my readings using it). And to celebrate this October and the thinning of the veil between worlds, I’ve purchased my first Pendulum and guide! It’s waiting in a safe and quiet place until tomorrow, when I’ll be able to start to learn and become familiar with its own unique personality and the way it will be guiding me through my journeys.

I’m just a baby witch who’s still figuring out what I believe and what I think is bullshit, and that line shakes and shivers and sometimes leaps back and forth each day. And sometimes what I believe has nothing to do with my day and I’m just eating Halloween candy on the couch and watching my favorite SNL skits. It’s all going to be here, so buckle up if you’re planning on joining me for the ride! I hate intro blog posts so I’m glad this is over and I can be a weirdo in peace 😜 Come back tomorrow to see how the Pendulum is swinging for me!