So The Pendulum Swings…

I am freaked OUT. Alright, you have to forgive me because I’m new to all of this but holy CRAP. Y’all I watched the videos and I bought a book and I read the articles saying to ask yes and no questions to see how your pendulum responds, but I didn’t realize it would ACTUALLY respond. I planted my arm like a stone and made sure there were no kinks in the chain and that everything was completely unmoving before I asked my questions…I literally just started out asking it to show me yes and then asking it to show me no. It swung clockwise for yes and when I reset the chain it swung counter-clockwise for no! My eyes were like…

I just started asking random questions about myself, like do I have ten fingers and was I born in November (April Fool’s baby over here!) and it was RIGHT. And then I asked it if my name was Kate and it said NO.

Wait, what? Maybe I didn’t introduce myself and it needed that, so I did the whole tell me about yourself spiel…still no. Ok, it’s cool. First day can’t be perfect, I get it. Yeah, but Kate’s not my birth name, which I realized because I think up legal loopholes in my head for fun (trust me, I am VERY aware of how strange that is.). So I asked again, but this time “Is my name Katharine?”. If that pendulum didn’t freaking swing yes! It had been a long day (I felt the pull that she was ready at about 8 o’clock last night), so I couldn’t even think of a coherent sentence much less a good yes or no question. I decided to ask a few questions from the Pendulum and then call it a night. She told me her name is Samantha, by the way.

This morning I didn’t really have any good questions either, so we worked on getting to know each other a little bit more. I asked one specific question about if something would happen today, and then we took a break! It’s definitely WAY out of my comfort zone and knowledge base, so I figure going slow and letting myself sink into the practice is the way to go. Samantha promised to take it easy on me and I promised her that even though I will fumble a lot and do many things wrong, that I will always come to her with respect and good intentions. So here’s to new partnerships and enriching my Craft!

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