A Reminder From The Universe About Your Own Power

This will be a short one today. I’ve been bouncing off the walls this morning with a bunch of chaotic energy and plans to go out and shop and get a bunch of witchy supplies and do ALL the things. I rushed my pendulum and Samantha told me to chill and talk to her tomorrow. I wasn’t too bothered because I just wanted to GO. She absolutely sensed that energy and wasn’t interested in performing on command.

I was thinking about just pulling a card or two so I could get on with my day, but something made me stop and do my full morning spread. To say I’ve been humbled is an understatement. Maybe it’s because they can give a more nuanced answer, or because I’ve been working with them for a longer time, but my cards and runes have NO problem telling me exactly what I need to know when I’m being an ass. I have been told in no uncertain terms to CHILL OUT, and to also stop spending money on things that aren’t necessary. I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree for cards and incense and supplies, and the cards slapped my hands and told me to cut it out.

What they ALSO told me is that all of that flashy stuff can be fun, but to remember that really, none of it is actually necessary. The tools are great conductors of energy, but the power comes from within. Your voice and intentions are what gives power to your spells and blessings and insights. I could never buy another single thing, and still grow and become an incredibly powerful witch. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and potions and incense, but don’t let them mask and keep you from developing your true power.

Much needed words from the universe to me, and a valuable lesson. Today I will work on gaining knowledge, instead of things. I hope you all also have a blessed day and can spend some moments with your own personal power. Until tomorrow 💜

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