Witch Crafting

I was way too pleased with myself for that title. 😂 Finally! A non-divination post! Well, kind of, but this really is all about the crafts and making do with what you have in order to create something unique for you! Get ready for a LOT of pictures…

So the backstory is that yesterday I pulled Tiwaz as my rune of the day (of course I had to add some sort of divination to this post 😂). When I did my customary thanking of the runes and cards before I put them back in their bags, Tiwaz was NOT letting me go that easily. I knew immediately that this rune needed to be with me all day. I had a small red bag that I used to keep a daily rune in to take to work, but I had since repurposed it for Samantha. I could and would have easily added another pouch to my shopping list, but if you read my post yesterday you know that those plans ended up being scrapped for the day. And as usual, when I follow my morning reading’s guidance, I came up with something SO much better.

I don’t know everything or even a lot about runes yet, but what I do know is that red and gold are the colors of rune magic. I also know that wearing a runic talisman around your neck or in your bra can be incredibly powerful. So with those two small pieces of information I got to work!

I have a bunch of fabric pieces that I’ve collected over the years for quilting and other crafts, so finding a piece of red fabric was a breeze. I also have a lot of yarn for knitting, and right at the top of my shelf was a yellow/gold hank. I made a little pouch for my rune, and tied the yarn three times around to secure it (I’m a big fan of the power of three). I was planning on just cutting the length of yarn long enough to make a necklace, but then I remembered I had a crystal cage that I wasn’t using (when the universe provides, it REALLY provides). A red cord from a previous jewelry making project (as you can tell, I like my crafts 😂) completed the project! I’m not that great at jewelry making, so the feather bead is forever stuck on my glued cord, but I enjoy the aesthetic 😄. And there I had my finished project! It took me about five minutes from start to finish, and I didn’t spend any money because I used what I already had.

A red pouch bought from the store would have been fine, and it would have served its purpose wonderfully, I’m sure! But the time I spent creating this pouch for my rune and the work and creativity I put into it, made something incredibly special that I found great meaning in. As I learned more about this special rune and understood just why it was so significant to me personally, the time I put into creating my necklace became even more meaningful. The cards taught me a lesson in the morning about personal over purchase power, but I only FULLY felt like I had learned it when I had applied it to my actual practice.

And there I go on a divination tangent again! The lesson is so wonderful though. When you allow yourself to stop and receive blessings from the universe/deities/nature, you can create such powerful magic. I’ll be looking out for other ways to use the materials already around me to enhance my practice as I go forward. I feel like I’m being truly blessed with all of this cosmic knowledge, and feel incredibly humbled to be given such meaningful guidance so freely. When I made the choice to openly receive and believe the insights spoken to me and to use the skills I learn in actual practice…well it feels like someone just breathed “finally” directly into my soul. This has been such an emotional period of personal growth, and I can’t begin to show enough gratitude for the patience I was afforded while I spent so many years searching for my path. As always, be SO incredibly blessed today, and I hope you have the time to do a little crafting of your own! 💜

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