Visionary Tarot Appreciation and Review

First off I want to say that I’m still exhausted, but in a good way? All of the knowledge and direct messages I’ve been receiving from the universe as a whole and specific deities who have called on me and my devotion are great, but I’m tired. Still. But I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while so bear with me 💜

“Not all those who wander are lost.” Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein

This deck is special. Beyond special. If you’re on an internal or external voyage, or entering a new period in your life, this deck is for YOU. The artwork is just stunning, and the cards are of the highest quality and are really a joy to work with. You can get silver or gold (and possibly just white with no metallics, but don’t quote me on that). I got silver but the gold looks beautiful too. The edges are gilded as well! Small housekeeping note because I’m sure people do this with their decks anyways, but on first opening do look at each card individually because that will help to unstick them from the packaging process.

I started shuffling and the Fool literally jumped out at me. What a good sign for this new deck! Now I won’t normally share my personal spreads, but I think it’s important that I do this time. Not only so you can see how beautiful these cards are, but to illustrate a point. This deck is VISUAL. And the meanings you get from it will only be enhanced when you take a step back and look at the picture the cards present. I tend to journal all my readings, and since I’m new to tarot I end up looking up the meanings and reading them over and over until I gain understanding (the LWB that came with the deck is EXCELLENT by the way). I was struggling through these readings to say the least, until I sat back and really looked at them.

This is not better demonstrated than the court cards of arrows. Can you see the absolute story there? You barely even need to know the question to understand. And then the Lovers. Over two spreads – one in reference to me, and the other to the deck. Normally I don’t throw conventional interpretations out the window with reversals, but the meaning was crystal clear. Two halves of the whole coming together, in every way. Light and dark given equal respect and care. Like I said, this deck is special.

ALSO! If you are someone with a usual way of shuffling, I really suggest trying out the way the booklet says to with this deck. I normally shuffle in hand and not spread out, but I will only use the table shuffle for this deck from now on. Not only for the shuffling, but for the time it takes to get everything in order. I don’t help my cards find their place unless I feel asked, so it takes a good amount of time for them to be pushed back into configuration. I don’t like that. My squirrel brain doesn’t like it. But it brings a great sense of peace and gets you in the right frame of mind if you allow the process.

You know, I have feelings and ideas about my decks and if they’re being neglected. Anxiety is my frenemy. 😂 My Linestrider Tarot and Pathfinder Oracle decks let me know it was ok and to Chill. Out. They’re the decks that got me through the suffering and the muck and the mire of this year, and now they get to rest while I go on my voyage. They’re definitely NOT mad about it 😂

So just to conclude, this deck is special. I would recommend it to anyone and is great for beginners as well because of the beautiful imagery that lends understanding to the meaning of the cards. Absolute 10/10, especially if you too are on a journey. As always, stay blessed 💜

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