Respect Your Ancestors…And Everyone Else’s

Just wanted to pop in and share a personal story. I won’t give details on the other players in the story because it doesn’t really matter and I haven’t gotten permission from them, but I think it might help other people trying to navigate this particular time.

I recently received some graveyard dirt that I wasn’t prepared for or asked for. I don’t currently use it in my practice and the Hoodoo spell that came with would have been very disrespectful as someone not on that path. I offered to gift the dirt to a Hoodoo practitioner that I know, as I was told it came from benevolent ancestors. She wasn’t interested as she didn’t know the source personally, which makes complete sense to me. She did tell me I could use the dirt as an earth element in my own practice. I have a devotion to Hecate in its early stages, so I decided to keep the tin of dirt.

I cannot tell you the havoc that went on in my house in the ten minutes between putting it on my apothecary mantel and and burying it in a bowl of dirt in the garage until I could figure out what to do. This was dirt given by someone’s ancestor, and even though it seemed malevolent in my house I didn’t want to cause disrespect with the disposal of it. I very much did not want to bury it anywhere on my property because, I’ll be honest, I was FREAKED out. (I also gave myself the worst Tarot reading of my life trying to figure out what was going on, but I turned that frown upside down with the power of my MIND 😎)

Fortunately, I had a way to contact the woman whose ancestors provided the dirt. I explained the situation and asked how to proceed, and she was very kind in telling me where they would be most at peace. All of the bad thoughts and body feelings went away at that, and I honestly think it was because of their understanding that I wasn’t planning on throwing the tin in the trash and wanted to do things respectfully.

Malevolent ancestors those were NOT. Now that the whole ordeal is over, it became very clear that they were actually incredibly helpful and insightful to know that I would not have gotten that push without the extreme issues I had. These ancestors were “hill folk”, and I made many plans on where I was going to go to lay them to rest before I actually stumbled on a freaking SACRED GROVE. Even with the park I went to I had a plan that got scrapped. I was planning on following the trail to an overlook that I hadn’t been to before, and had parked right beside the entrance to that trail unknowingly. Something made me walk the opposite way and I never saw the trail entrance.

I’ve been disconnected from nature this year in an extreme way. I haven’t even gone out into my backyard for extended periods of time. I was recharged like a freaking battery! Breathing in fresh air, listening to the running water of the various streams, and just being around TREES and leaves and bees and all the wonderful things I love but had stolen from myself this year hurtled me into straight JOY. And that was even BEFORE I stumbled onto this hidden grove of trees in clusters of threes and fives that were absolutely singing.

I found the perfect place to rest the dirt, and was actually gifted a tool of power in return for the litter I removed (I normally would not remove any original material from the grove, but this was an obvious gift). The pond helped clear all the residual contents from the tin, and I could feel such peace that I wasn’t expecting.

The point of the story? This time of year a lot of fuckery can happen around “witchy” materials and inappropriate ancestral and cultural appropriation (appropriation is different from appreciation but this time of year appropriation seems to be rampant). If you find yourself in possession of something important, please try to find a way to treat that object/spirit/energy with respect. I bet you’ll find something important to yourself along the way. As always, be blessed 💜

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