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Respect Your Ancestors…And Everyone Else’s

Just wanted to pop in and share a personal story. I won’t give details on the other players in the story because it doesn’t really matter and I haven’t gotten permission from them, but I think it might help other people trying to navigate… Continue Reading “Respect Your Ancestors…And Everyone Else’s”

It’s ok to not be ok

I was listening to a great podcast yesterday (Around Grandfather Fire), and they had a guest on who spoke about anxiety as it relates to spiritual people. What struck me was when she said that these people often feel anxious, because they think that… Continue Reading “It’s ok to not be ok”

Being Extra with Divination

I’m honestly not sure if I can help myself. But I do know that I just don’t want to. What’s the fun in that? Witchcraft to me is about joy and childlike wonder at the unknowns of the universe, and all of these extras… Continue Reading “Being Extra with Divination”

Chaos magic and Divination therapy

Well, it has been some time, hasn’t it? New website, new look, new me? THAT has yet to be seen, but it’s definitely a new era of my life. This blog is going to be, well, chaos. I’m envisioning a wonderfully disorganized mix of… Continue Reading “Chaos magic and Divination therapy”